Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland

In this graceful and historic structure, every session of the Maryland legislature since 1775 has been held, with the exception of 1861, when they met in Frederick, Maryland, due to the strong confederate sentiment of the southern Maryland residents. From November, 1783 to June, 1784, it served as the Capitol of the United States.

Here in the old state Senate chamber, on December 23, 1783, General George Washington resigned his commission as Commander in Chief of the American Revolutionary forces on December 23, 1783.

He spent only a couple minutes in delivering his prepared speech, shook hands all around and hurried out to mount his horse and ride to Mount Vernon to celebrate Christmas with Martha and his step grandchildren. He had entered the State House the most powerful man in the world. The man whose colonial army defeated England--he walked out George Washington, citizen farmer.